Working on my next book of short stories, which will be available in about a month. Meanwhile, I’m doing a poll. Everyone who has read “Love Many Things” please let me know your favourite story from the list below.

Cover picture of the book Love Many Things

The top 5 most popular stories will be published on my Blog page.
1. Metal
2. Adventurous Journey
3. Tomorrow Never Comes
4. Lost in Translation
5. Gone Bananas
6. The Sign of the Lion
7. America
8. The Bulb
9. Confinement
10. One Blade of Grass
11. Crossed Wires
12. Water! Water!
13. To Know God is to Love Many Things
14. Interesting People
15. Earth
16. George Clooney is Coming to Kilkenny
17. The Gift of Memory
18. Look What the Cat Brought In
19. No Room at the Inn
20. Off the Rails
21. She Said It Was an Accident – Was It Really?
22. Pond Life
23. Tickets for the Concert
24. Whiskey and Tears

Yes Folks, all good things come to those who wait!  At last Only Words is going live!  Yay!!! It’s the website for Writers and Readers.

I’m Kersty Evans – Writer, Reader and Editor.  My Blog page is more than the usual blog.  It’s to be interactive, allowing others to contribute by commenting and discussing a particular blog post, as well as writing your own Blog and post it here.  Please read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Where does the name for this website come from?

Over the years I have been typing, editing and proof-reading a lot of interesting projects containing a lot of interesting words.  I have read and worked on many stories and documents.  I enjoy what I do, as long as it is about words.  Anything to do with numbers is a nightmare, often inducing instant headaches.  And don’t get me started on technology! 

You can be creative with words – even invent some new ones.  Use your imagination!  Have fun!  If you don’t understand a word, consult your dictionary.  If you don’t understand a number, go and take your (or a friend’s) dog for a walk and clear your head in the fresh air.

Not long ago, when my website was an idea just about to be conceived, I was typing some documents containing a lot of numbers – lists, statistics, etc.  It took a lot longer than typing just words and paragraphs, exceeding my hourly rates.  I had made a mistake with the numbers and had to read through the whole written document again to correct it.  My dog had already been for a walk that day!  I explained that I really only wanted to deal with words and leave numbers to someone else.  I have full confidence in dealing with words.

Believe it or not!  About an hour after I had finished the document with the dreaded numbers, an old record by the Bee Gees was playing on the radio – It’s only words…  Eureka!  This is it!  Only Words!  This will be the name of my website.  So I registered the domain

Today, 6th October 2019, a new website called Only Words is born.  Now let the fun begin!