Yes Folks, all good things come to those who wait!  At last Only Words is going live!  Yay!!! It’s the website for Writers and Readers.

I’m Kersty Evans – Writer, Reader and Editor.  My Blog page is more than the usual blog.  It’s to be interactive, allowing others to contribute by commenting and discussing a particular blog post, as well as writing your own Blog and post it here.  Please read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Where does the name for this website come from?

Over the years I have been typing, editing and proof-reading a lot of interesting projects containing a lot of interesting words.  I have read and worked on many stories and documents.  I enjoy what I do, as long as it is about words.  Anything to do with numbers is a nightmare, often inducing instant headaches.  And don’t get me started on technology! 

You can be creative with words – even invent some new ones.  Use your imagination!  Have fun!  If you don’t understand a word, consult your dictionary.  If you don’t understand a number, go and take your (or a friend’s) dog for a walk and clear your head in the fresh air.

Not long ago, when my website was an idea just about to be conceived, I was typing some documents containing a lot of numbers – lists, statistics, etc.  It took a lot longer than typing just words and paragraphs, exceeding my hourly rates.  I had made a mistake with the numbers and had to read through the whole written document again to correct it.  My dog had already been for a walk that day!  I explained that I really only wanted to deal with words and leave numbers to someone else.  I have full confidence in dealing with words.

Believe it or not!  About an hour after I had finished the document with the dreaded numbers, an old record by the Bee Gees was playing on the radio – It’s only words…  Eureka!  This is it!  Only Words!  This will be the name of my website.  So I registered the domain

Today, 6th October 2019, a new website called Only Words is born.  Now let the fun begin!

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