Typing – Handwritten or printed manuscripts professionally typed in word.doc format.


    Copy Editing – Check spelling, grammar and punctuation.


    Content Editing – Help with style and flow of a project, especially used in fiction writing.


     Proof Reading – Going through the edited script, fixing any overlooked errors.


Creative writing is an art.  If you have a story to tell and need assistance bringing your characters to life with flowing dialogue, eloquent description of people and places, let me help.


Students – If you want your theses, essays and documents typed or copy edited, please contact me.


English not your first language?  Let me help you edit and tidy up your written documents, correcting spelling and grammar.  (Please note, this does not apply to English exam papers).


U.S. English – only-words is U.K. based, accepting work in English from all over the world.  American spelling differences will be taken into consideration during editing and will not be changed.  e.g. US neighbor will not be ‘corrected’ to UK neighbour.